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Fellowship Bible Church

"What we have seen and heard we also declare to you, so that you may have fellowship along with us; and indeed our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ..."

[1 John 1:3]

Our Commission: 

To make and send out Christ like disciples in St. Joseph and beyond

Our Commandment and Motivation:

Our love for God and man

Our Foundation:

The living word and written word - Jesus Christ


Sunday Morning Bible Studies

10:00 AM -

10:45 AM

3811 Pacific Ave

Saint Joseph, MO 64507

Sunday Morning Worship

10:55 AM -

12:00 PM

3811 Pacific Ave

Saint Joseph, MO 64507

Wednesday Evening Prayer 

7:00 PM -

8:00 PM

3811 Pacific Ave

Saint Joseph, MO 64507

Pastor Roger Blundell and wife Lauri Blundell

Church Email: FBCofStJoe@gmail.com


Regular services will continue this Sunday with Sunday School at 10:00 am and Worship Service at 10:55 am.  Please exercise your personal discretion in attending.  If you are ill, have been exposed to the coronavirus or are uncomfortable with possible exposure the sermon will still be recorded and posted on the website.  Those attending will be asked to use hand sanitizer and practice social distancing.

If you are led by the Lord to do so, an offering in support of  our ministry would be appreciated.

Fellowship Bible Church

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3811 Pacific Street

St. Joseph, MO  64507

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